A startup focused on

Beautification of
Outdoor Spaces

We are proud to be a part of this venture. A startup focused on Beautification of Outdoor Spaces. In 10 years we have grown to be one of the fastest growing companies in our sector.

Customer service, Ethics, Processes, Employee retention & Innovations have always been our top priority.

From the Owners

Company Run & Managed by 2 dynamic individuals having vast experience in this field. We have been growing consistently year on year. And it has been our constant endeavor to keep a steady growth path.

Our focus has always been collaborations. Making a good sales channel. (a network of dedicated dealers & distributors) And constantly working with clients from different sectors and doing innovative projects with Architects , Interior Designers & Developers.

We have been strong in relationships with our suppliers from across the Globe from Korea, Turkey,  Vietnam,  Europre and China. Thats how we always have consistency in our quality and pricing.

We Are Experts

Best and biggest when it comes to

  • Artificial Grass (for all Landscaping Projects)
  • Artificial Turf (for all types of sports)
  • DIY Grass Interlocking Tiles
  • Vertical Green Walls (outdoor & indoor applications)
  • Deck Flooring (Natural Wood & WPC)
  • Wall Cladding (Natural wood & WPC)


  • Always ready Stock, quick dispatch and services
  • Excellent quality at the most affordable prices.
  • Good Team to carry out execution with precision.
  • AMCs, Warranties etc all provided to customer for all the products.
  • Giving Designing ideas to the clients based on our vast experience in execution.
  • A good collection of site images which can easily be used as references for future work.

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